Working on plain language together

SimSim24 is the online platform where you work together on texts in plain language. On SimSim24, you meet experts in the area of plain language that help you make your texts easy to understand. SimSim24 is an internet service you can use to improve the quality of your texts together.


SimSim24 is simple. You put a text on SimSim24, and other users give you advice on how you can improve the text further. In it, you can choose whether to put your text in the open part or in a closed part. For example, a part that is accessible only to employees of your organisation.

SimSim24 is a lot like Facebook or Instagram. The only difference is that you don't share vacation photos with your friends, but instead you share texts with colleagues and partners with the goal of improving them. You can use SimSim24 on your desktop computer, your laptop, your tablet and your smartphone.


Visit to see more about how it works.